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5 Content Ideas for Accounting  Practices

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Running an accounting practice? You probably haven't realised it , but you do have a huge gold mine for your marketing.

- Considering your position in your own industry, are you an expert in some topic? 

- Or think of those topics your customers always feel confused about, can you answer them?

If you don't know how to attract people online, just treat them as someone knocking at your door and asking questions, what you need to do is just to answer the questions and ask them to leave their contact number.

We have come up with a few ways that have been proved helpful in our own experience. 


1. Video

Well I have to say that most accountants are very afraid of this video thing, not only the terrifying price (it's actually not, but people are normally afraid of unfixed price) but also the recording process.

However, it could be the most effective way for you to communicate with strangers online. Consider you were choosing an accountant to work for you, would you choose the one with only photo or the one you can actually see in a video?  

The chance is people will feel like they have already known you if they watched your video before.

Click to See a good example here - Wise Talk TV


Suggested topics include:

• 'Why do you need to hire an accountant';

Answers to questions you get asked all the time

• Hot topic for now, e.g., buying house.

Tips for some general process, e.g., how to start a business

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2. Cheatsheet/  Checklist

Well I have to say cheatsheet , free guide, and checklist are the most powerful tools for accounting practices to generate leads.

What you need to do is just writing a guide and export as a PDF file.

- Yes, you need to do a bit research on the topics and keywords.

- Also yes, you need to do a bit designing work to make it readable!

Don't be afraid, you don't have to squeeze your brain and write new articles all the time, look at the resources on your website and choose a few blog posts, then sit down and have a thought, what valuable content you can give away further? 

If you really hate writing, you can always hire someone to write it with a reasonable rate.


3. Blog Post

As an Inbound Marketing Agency, we can't emphasis more on the importance of your blog, please start to use your blog, serious.

If you don't have the idea what to write about?

- Again, think of the areas you are expert in; the questions your customers ask most;something reflects your personality (if you are a person who valuate 'Efficiency' a lot, then write about it).

If you don't want to write it yourself?

- You can hire someone, or simply gather your team, so everyone can contribute some.

Last tip, try to think how your potential customers ask questions on Google, catch the right keywords, and get ready to meet your new customers.


4. Downloadable template

You can't be unfamiliar with these, invoice template, Business plan, cash flow forecast etc.

Don't think that give away the templates may hurt your profitability,  it's actually a good way to nurture leads, and let them get used to your style.

What you need to do?

First of all, select one template that you or your team use over and over, or which is often requested by your clients. Then format it nicely and easy to follow, remember, most people don't really like Excel as accountant do.



5. Webinar/ Live Event

Oh no, driving you to the camera again? Build up your confidence and it is gonna help you a lot. Just consider this as a workshop online, and you were invited (by yourself) as an expert of accounting, feeling better? Let's go on.

I would say the hardest part is not to have enough audiences for your webinar, because it is awkward if there is only two people in the webinar room, and most accounting people find it hard to attract registrations.

Honestly, webinar/ live events require a lot of efforts on researching, planning and executing, so it's not a easy job that you can read some articles and manage it.

Two choices for you here: You can ask some friends who are doing it well and join them at the first place, and learn from them. Or hire a marketer to do this for you, just as others hire you to do the accounting job.

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