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How Accountants & Lawyers can get More Clients

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Every business is in the business of sales. This includes accountants and lawyers. If services are not sold to new clients, then they will stagnate and die.

Lead generation is just as important for accountants, as it is for any other growing business.

Marketing and lead generation for professional service firms can be constrained however by what is deemed acceptable from potential clients. Imagine someone with a mascot on the side of the road, waving a calculator and wearing a bill board saying “Need an Accountant?”. While this is no doubt eye catching, it is more likely to damage the reputation of a firm, than any possible good that may come from it.

So, what can professional service firms do to generate leads, that then become clients?

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Be Found Online

When hiring a professional services firm, the question in the mind of prospective clients, is simple.

Can I trust these people to do a good job?

They may not be consciously aware of it, but when it comes to providing professional services, trust is essential. If people don’t trust you, they won’t hire you.

This is where a strong, professional, appearance online can make a significant difference.

Prospective clients are going to research you (almost certainly online) before they contact you. What will they find when they do?

Will they even find you? Will Google™ (or some other search engine) show them you even exist?

And if they do find you, what will their impression be of your firm? What impression will your website leave upon them?

You must have a strong and professional presence online. If you do not, then hire experts, and get it done.


Inbound Marketing & Content

Once you have established a strong presence online, it is important to maintain it. Just as bread left on the bench top goes stale quick, so too can your online presence. No matter how amazing your website may be now, if it is not changing and being updated, then it quickly ceases to be relevant. And if it is no longer relevant, then forget being found by Google™.

This may sound harsh. Especially if you have gone through a lot of time, money and effort to update your website. Unfortunately, search engines, like humans, can be fickle. They need to be constantly impressed with your website.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to regularly publish useful and informative information on your website. If people visit your website regularly, then Google™ rewards you by directing other people to your website when they are looking for similar information.


If people find useful information on your website, then they are also more likely to choose you, when looking to hire a professional. What will you do today to have a stronger online presence?