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Elevating Marketing Productivity with ChatGPT and Zapier Plug-ins

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OpenAI recently enabled all ChatGPT plus users' permission to get access to ChatGPT plug-ins. Users can now efficiently complete tasks such as shopping, booking flights, and restaurant reservations.

In this article, we will dive into actual examples and scenarios that illustrate how the integration of ChatGPT and Zapier can boost your marketing productivity.

Harnessing the power of zapier 

If you're unfamiliar with Zapier, it's a robust automation platform that streamlines tasks related to marketing, sales, IT, finance, and more, without the need for human intervention or coding skills. By connecting and integrating various applications, Zapier facilitates seamless automation flows that save time and resources.


chatgpt plug-in store


ChatGPT & Zapier Plug-ins Scenario 1:

Automatically Saving ChatGPT-generated Copy to Notion

When using ChatGPT, marketers often need to manually copy and paste the generated text into a document library or word processor. However, with the Zapier integration, this process can be automated. Now, ChatGPT can directly save the generated copy to Notion, Google Drive, or OneDrive, eliminating the need for the repetitive task of manual copy-pasting.

Demonstration Steps and Results:

  1. Ask ChatGPT to draft a piece of copy.

    GPT to write Facebook post

  2. Instruct ChatGPT to save the copy to a specific folder in Notion.

    ask GPT to save to notion

  3. Once the content is verified, ChatGPT will automatically save the copy to Notion via Zapier. Upon opening the Notion interface, you will find the copy already saved in the designated folder.

    截屏2023-05-21 上午11.59.42


ChatGPT & Zapier Plug-ins Scenario 2:

Automatically Posting ChatGPT-generated Copy to Facebook

Typically, after asking ChatGPT to draft a Facebook copy, one would need to manually copy and paste the text before logging into a social media platform to post it. Now, with the Zapier integration, once the copy is approved on the ChatGPT page, it can be posted to social media platforms with a single click.

Demonstration Steps and Results:

  1. Ask ChatGPT to draft a piece of copy.
  2. Instruct ChatGPT to post the copy to Facebook.
  3. After verifying the content, Zapier will automatically post the copy to the social media platform.

publish to Facebook


ChatGPT & Zapier Plug-ins Scenario 3:

Drafting Email Content with ChatGPT and Saving it to Drafts

There's no need to manually copy contact names, phone numbers, and ChatGPT-generated content into an email anymore. With ChatGPT and Zapier plug-ins, you can draft email content and have it directly saved to your drafts folder.

Demonstration Steps and Results:

1. Ask ChatGPT to draft an email on a specific topic and save it to your drafts.

ask GPT to write an email

2. Once the content is verified and you open your Gmail drafts, you'll find the email already prepared and waiting.

GPT drafted email saves in Gmail


ChatGPT & Zapier Plug-ins Scenario 3:

Asking ChatGPT to Find a Contact in Your HubSpot

You don't have to log-in to HubSpot each time to create contacts or find a contacts. With the plug-ins, you can simply perform tasks in ChatGPT interface.

Demonstration Steps and Results:

  1. Ask ChatGPT to find a contact in HubSpot.
  2. ChatGPT will look for the contact in HubSpot and return the contact's info to you in GPT interface.

find contact in hubspot by using chatgpt


The integration of ChatGPT and Zapier provides a robust solution for automating and streamlining many tasks in your marketing workflow, saving you valuable time and increasing productivity. While it's still a very new approach to using the power of AI and automation, it's gonna change the way how we work as marketers.

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