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Four reasons why accountants need inbound marketing

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Inbound marketing involves attracting and engaging customers while adding value and building trust in the brand. By crafting content focused on addressing the pain points and expectations of target customers, businesses can attract qualified prospects and generate leads.

With multiple components of content marketing, SEO, videos, blogs, and social media, inbound marketing creates brand awareness and draws the attention of customers. Not surprisingly, inbound marketing is the primary strategy for a majority of businesses, while 61% of marketers give top priority to SEO and organic lead generation. For accounting firms that hit a roadblock at some point where individual selling or traditional cold emails or calls do not help, inbound marketing is the optimum solution.


1. Higher ROI

Inbound marketing campaigns yield a higher return on investment (ROI) as compared to outbound techniques irrespective of the size, budget, or location of a business. As compared to traditional outbound methods, inbound marketing generates three times more qualified leads.

Inbound marketing helps prevents accounting firms from sinking their money into buying leads through traditional media outlets that are not sustainable or organic.

2. Build trust and credibility

As an accounting firm, you have the expertise and authority over a niche area. With informative and educative content based on infographics, videos, and visuals, you can solve problems, build credibility, and create long-lasting relationships with your customers.

3 Reach the right people at the right time

With engaging, relevant, and updated content, inbound marketing enables you to engage your customers at the point of their need.

4. Generate shares and links:

While inbound marketing helps influence purchase decisions, it can also generate more inbound links and social media shares. More than two million people use social media across the world, and 97% of marketers use these platforms to engage their audiences. With an optimum inbound marketing strategy, accountants can create conversations between prospects, clients, and potential business partners.

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