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How Accountants and Lawyers can build trust online

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Trust is essential for successful businesses.

People looking for an accountant or lawyer fear the unknown. This is why referrals are so powerful. A referral is just an existing client’s way of telling a friend or family member that they trust you.

We live in the internet and information age. The power of the internet means that before a client ever approaches you, they will have done some basic research online first. They will know about you before you first hear from them.

Unfortunately, potential clients will struggle to trust you if they can’t find you online; and they won’t trust you if they don’t like what they find.


All is not lost though. Here are five things that can demonstrate your trustworthiness online.


1. User Friendly, Professional, Website

When considered logically, a user-friendly website should have no impact upon clients’ perceptions of your trustworthiness. After all, as an accountant or lawyer, you have years of study and knowledge. You’re a professional! Surely such things should be irrelevant.

Unfortunately, no. A professional, easy to use website is a must.

Have professionals design, create and maintain your website.

If your website looks old and dated, prospects will struggle to trust you.

Imagine if someone showed up at your office door, wearing rough jeans, jandals and a ripped tee-shirt asking for a job, you wouldn’t be impressed.

An outdated website has the same effect on potential clients.


2. Website is Current

Information and links on your website can easily become outdated. Something that was once true or unknown may no longer be so. Once useful links may now go to “404 – Page Not Found” error pages. Make sure to regularly check that your website content and links are still up-to date.


3. “About us” Page

Potential clients want to know that you are real. A good “About Us” page helps show the human side of your business. People fear the unknown. Make sure that they can easily find out about your business’s story.


4. Authentic Images/Photos

Be genuine on your website. Don’t be afraid to show your face. While many websites are built today using stock photos, nothing says trustworthy quite like genuine, professional images. Hire a professional photographer. Get professional photographs taken. Genuine photographs mean genuine, trustworthy people.

Make sure your website, business logos and any other marketing materials have been professionally designed. Professionalism is part of the key to proving your trustworthiness.


5. Social Proof

The use of testimonials from clients can be useful but don’t stop there. Even just the image, or logo, of some of your well-known clients can make a big difference. Just make sure to get their permission first if you don’t want to fall foul of the Privacy Act.

Business certifications can also help to provide social proof. If you are a certified Xero partner, for example, let the world know.



Trust is a fickle thing. Ultimately it won’t matter how good your presence online, if you are not genuinely trustworthy. Clients will quickly work this out for themselves. Unfortunately, the reverse isn’t true. If people don’t trust your online presence, you won’t have a chance to prove that you are trustworthy in person.

What are you going to do today, to show people you are trustworthy?

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