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Revolutionise Your Accounting Business with Jotform's Free Forms

Revolutionise Your Accounting Business with Jotform's Free Forms

In the bustling business landscape of Auckland, New Zealand, efficiency is key for an accounting firm's success. The traditional reliance on paper forms for tasks such as tax returns and financial statements can often turn into a logistical challenge, impacting the smooth operation of your business.

Enter Jotform, a game-changer in the realm of business efficiency, offering a powerful solution to this paper form predicament.

Navigating the paper form maze in accounting

Envisage your Auckland office desk, overflowing with paper forms, each one requiring careful data entry, organisation, and retrieval. These daunting tasks can lead to errors, misplaced documents, and significant time wastage. These challenges have long been a stumbling block for accounting businesses across the globe.

Jotform is the tool that can drive this transformation in your accounting business. It offers an array of customisable free forms that can streamline your paperwork processes. These forms are not just easy to create and distribute but also simplify data organisation.


Free online forms


creating and customizing forms

Jotform allows you to create forms by choosing a suitable template and customising it to fit your needs. You can also simply drag and drop elements into the form. No code required! From invoices to tax return forms, Jotform's library of free forms caters to all accounting requirements.


integration with crm systems

Jotform's utility extends beyond form creation and data management. It also integrates seamlessly with CRM systems like HubSpot. This integration means that the data from your forms can be automatically imported into HubSpot, saving much time for the manual data entry. 

jotform hubspot

usage scenarios: leveraging jotform in your accounting practice

Let's delve into how Jotform can enhance efficiency in specific scenarios within your accounting firm.

scenario 1: streamlined client onboarding

Imagine sending a link to a digital client intake form to your new clients. They can fill it out at their leisure, even before their first visit to your office. This level of convenience can set the tone for a positive client relationship.


scenario 2: simplified tax returns

Tax return forms can often be a source of stress for clients. With Jotform, you can create custom tax return forms that clients can complete digitally, simplifying the process and reducing the potential for errors.

use Jotform to do accounting tax return

scenario 3: efficient expenses tracking

Running a business in Auckland, like in any major city, means dealing with myriad expenses. With Jotform, your team can easily fill out digital expense reports. This approach not only makes their life easier but also simplifies your bookkeeping process.



The future of accounting is undoubtedly digital. By embracing tools like Jotform, your accounting firm can navigate this future with confidence. The power offree forms will allow you to streamline your operations, reduce errors, and save invaluable time. So, bid farewell to the stress of paper forms and welcome the simplicity and efficiency of Jotform.

Want to discover more usage of Jotform? Book a demo with us!

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